Telecommunications operators will sue mobile phones in court with the National Assembly Telecommunications Committee without the customer’s consent for other services, the MP said.

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The telephone operator companies, people have phone bills and other services paid beforehand for a fee without the user’s consent for cuts picked up are going to be charged with negotiating with the National Telecommunications Committee. Mandalay Constituency (2) the arrival of the National Assembly The community said.

February 7, at a gathering of the National telephonist companies from mobile users telephone bill paid beforehand of the opposite stakeholders within the sorts of services when actually consent fee cuts, not picked up many users came up with public loss About half had no plans to prevent Assembly parliamentary question within the National Assembly Tun Tun Oo as above to the media after Sunday.

“He said that the evidence was stop because the SIM card was stop and that they showed the SIM card and therefore the stop date. All the info is displayed. once you check out software and software. It must be proven in court and therefore the law effective should be strengthened. The case are often settled. So he ordered them individually. But now we show point . that’s the case. So, rather than the individual, the Ministry of Communications has licensed the telecommunications companies to the Ministry of Communications, which is that the main responsibility of the ministry.


Tun Tun Oo said that while there was no decide to file a complaint when the parliament was questioned, it might not be possible to sue the National Telecommunications Operator because it had been not fined.

“We haven’t any plans to complain,” said National Assembly Representative Tun Tun Oo. But these companies violate the prevailing laws. Last year, Dr Hla Moe asked the Pyithu Hluttaw and therefore the Ministry came to respect the solution . it’s against the law. we’ll let this happen. If they still beat them with an easy fine, they’re going to still do so. It only got worse this year. therefore the minister said he was suing. there’ll be negotiations with the Parliamentary Communications Committee and proceed to prosecute. If required, these companies are blacklisted. consistent with the Telecommunications Act, we understand that employing a communications network may be a sort of fraud and misrepresentation by the general public . it’s deceptive. Right, it is a thief. Stealing. you’ll attend jail. So there’s no reason for these big companies to seem at the people publicly . If they break the law, they need to pay them consistent with the law. For that, we’ll consult the Telecommunications Committee and take action. “The lawsuit is effective because it’s just a lawsuit.”

Imprisonment, imprisonment, and prosecution of telecommunications operators. Blacklisting; But the ministry’s response within the Parliament wasn’t satisfactory, but said the ministry wanted to require effective measures. U Tun Tun Oo said it had been gratifying that the deputy minister of the Ministry of Communications met with him after the session, which he would be effective.

“When I asked the ministry, the ministry answered within the parliament. Now, he says, it’s from the evidence. They really don’t Agree. If you’re sure you’re getting to quit without Ok, then we’ll file a complaint with them. Because the cardboard itself is that way. There are others too. Earlier, the director general of the National Assembly was stop , ”said Tun Tun Oo.

People who are experiencing a disconnection without the consent of the phonephone operator are required to file complaints with the Department of Consumer Affairs. If you’re faraway from telecommunications, you’ll be ready to record video recordings of your telephone bill . Photographs were taken in reference to a Hluttaw representative and therefore the National Assembly; If it’s sent to the Telecommunications Committee, it’ll be convened and can file a lawsuit later today, said Tun Tun Oo.

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