The 101 houses invaded by the King’s Palace and therefore the old walls of the Royal Palace are to get replaced .

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The excavation of the previous Bazar Thar Dynasty monastery in Bago, the capital of Bago, has been under construction since the beginning of the fiscal year 2018-2019, and can get replaced by 101 brothels within the mining area in February.

KBZ surrounding this great palace walls and therefore the moat has four corners and is currently exploring all the old walls of the old moat and a door to the west of the wall to be Hsenwi northwest corner of the wall of the excavation work a housebreaking and have collected statistics, the paper 101 ြီး rather than the land before the top of February and can be removed, consistent with the statement.

“We have begun the excavation of the wall with the coffers of 1600 lakhs from the financial year 2018/19. After the excavation, the budget are going to be spent at Ks 1700 million by 2020. There are 101 intruders within the mining area. The land are going to be paid instead. No quite February. it’s located on the side of Pegu village on the side of Bago City, currently under construction. These also are being implemented under the management of the Prime Minister of Bago Region. District General Administration Department; The Archaeological Department is functioning together. and that is only about 10 percent. “We will work to succeed in the Mottama Gate,” said Nyo Myint Tun, director of the Department of Archeology and National Museum of Bago.


According to historical records, King Naw Naw Zaw, who rebuilt the second Myanmar, built the royal palace on 985 AD in 1553 AD on 15 December, and therefore the walls and pillars were inbuilt four quarters and completed in 928 AD.

It was reported that the King’s throne was inbuilt 1599 by King Nanda and Rakhine kings, who destroyed the dominion of Hanthawaddy, and destroyed the palace and burned it for quite 400 years.

Kanbawatya Palace was excavated and rebuilt between 1991 and 2000, and therefore the construction of walls and trenches began during the present financial year 2018/2019.

In addition, the palaces and museums are rebuilt within the palace since October 20, 1996. The entry fee has been hospitable local tourists since May 10, 1997, and now it pays 10,000 kyat for every foreigner and one citizen for 200 kyat.

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