Some facts about the death of the Corona virus

According to the National Health Commission (NHC), 80% of individuals who have died of a recent polio outbreak are 60 or older, and 75% have diabetes-like symptoms.

The global outbreak of measles in 2002-03 accounted for nearly 10% of deaths worldwide, and therefore the current rate is merely 2.1%. quite 97 percent of the deaths came from the central outbreak of Wuhan, with just 0.16 percent of deaths outside of Hubei province. Outbreaks of virus outbreaks outside China have killed more people within the Philippines and Hong Kong . The NHC said on February 4 that there have been 632 people recovering from the virus across China.

Most of the victims were over 60


The price was between 36 and 89 years old, and a minimum of five were under the age of 60, officials said. The youngest was Wuhan, a 36-year-old man who died fortnight after being infected.

Among those coming back from the hospital included children , including a 35-year-old male from the rehearsal. The nine-month-old girl from Beijing, who has been infected with the virus, is recovering, state media said.

Those who have the disease

Many people who have died of the virus have symptoms like diabetes and high vital sign before being infected. An 86-year-old man who was hospitalized on January 9 underwent surgery for carcinoma four years before the infection and also had high vital sign and diabetes.

Another 80-year-old woman has been affected by paralysis agitans for quite 20 years.

Not all of the dead suffered from fever

Now the airport, Although the temperature was checked at the railway station and at the bus terminal , the NHC said that each one those that died following the viral infection had not been ill before hospitalization.

The main concern is that the severity of the virus. “Some of the people that are infected with the virus aren’t showing any signs or symptoms in the least ,” said Dr. Jerim Farrah, Director of Welcome Trust.

Aung Zaw Linn

Freelancer Copy & Paste Writer